Custom Folding Boxes​

Paperboard materials for customization including White, Kraft, Food Grade and etc… It’s widely used for cosmetic, apparel, food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Creative folding box solutions with HUNSO PACK

We use top quality materials and accurate printing techniques on your custom folding boxes and pass them through our precise processing phases that gives them their customary highest end finish and the two-piece exquisite designs with an inner tray perfect for products from many different industries like fashion, cosmetic, gifting, candles and ornaments or even the most expensive jewelry products.

Find the perfect folding box and the perfect design.​

Paperboard (folding box) which is flexibility and can withstand any printing techniques making it perfect for endless customization. It always offers cost-effective yet consumer friendly option for product packaging. Hunso is able to offer several paperboard materials for customization including White, Kraft, Food Grade and etc… Paperboard is also widely used for cosmetic, apparel, food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Folding Styles
Fold Display Bk

Getting help from an interior designer makes all the difference.

While launching a product, use of display boxes is an excellent choice to make the newly introduced product an eye candy. You can make the presentation as special as the product itself. Special display boxes may be used which use the most imaginary color combination with an excellent laminated surface which shines at your gaze.

In trade exhibitions and other important business dealings, it is mandatory to set up display boxes for your products and their details. Display boxes grab the attention and make your product special by giving it the most distinct place in the surrounding.

Finding More Folding Carton

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