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We manufacture and design printed boxes & bags for gifts, special occasions, events, distribution, storage and etc.. 

With various materials of manufacturing: cardboard, corrugated paper, paperboard, MDF, and other in paper range.

Additional elements, such as magnets, ribbons, tissue, envelope, wrapping paper, foil stamping, wood-like textures, and many others are also available, offering a wide range of practical, and decorative solutions to our customers.

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Gold stamp print

Inner part

EVA with shape

Paper material

300g black paper

Cardboard material

Grey cardboard

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Share your thoughts we will design accoardingly.
Prepare Materials

Prepare materials

Paper packaging mainly proceed with kinds of paper and boards.
Shettle Paper

Settle paper

When the materials prepared they will fix on the machine.
Shape Moulde

Shape moulding

The shape will cut as the design draft.

Box Printing

When all ready, it will go to printing.


Paper sticker with boards by machine.

Our Advantages

Free Samples

We offer free samples for your reference.

Low Fee

We offer low fee for custom solutions.


We offer small quantities as normal.

Short develop term

We offer to customize samples within 1 week.

What You will

Sample & Quote

Your design and a instant quote will be sent after reviewing the manufacture ability.

Develop Mold

Your mold with high precision will be created within as fast as 7 days according to the approved design.

Sample & Test

Your will receive right sample which is inspected to test the accuracy of your custom request.

Custom & Finish

Your required exact specifications and add finishes will be proceed with the goods profile.

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